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Codepedia.info is a programming blog, targeted toward Web designers and developers. Tutorials focused on jQuery, AgularJs, HTML, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Charts, Asp.net, C#, Ajax, SQL, Wordpress and numerous other web design and development topics.

How to get client ip address in AngularJs

Code to Get IP Address: Here in this article will see how to get client IP address in AngularJs application. For this, we use angularjs $httpservice to make an ajax call, which in response gives us the Client […]

SQL SERVER : How To Change Collation for all DataBase Table Columns.

 Change Collation for all Database Tables columns: Here in this article will see how we can modify the collation of our database tables column. In our previous article have explained how we can find the collation […]

C# set File Attributes [change file attribute to read only]

Set File Attributes: While working on a c# console application, I have a requirement to make all the files in read-only mode. In short, I need to change the file attribute and make them all […]

2 Ways Get File Extension in Javascript?

Get file extension in Javascript: In a web application, we use form tag to save user input. Primary form tag contains textbox, textarea and input file .i.e ( file upload ), etc. While data entering […]

Angularjs call ajax function on page load

Call ajax function on page load: Here in this article will learn how to call controller function when our webpage gets loaded. While developing project many time we need to call some javascript functions directly […]